Lenny Libman is a Licensed Property and Casualty  Producer in Nevada, Arizona, and California. 

He is also the Registered Agent and Owner of Affordable Insurance

Lenny has over nineteen years of experience in the insurance field and runs the day to day operation of the agency. He is also a

the Las Vegas Facilitator of Clients For Life/Total Networking and Consulting.

Len has received recognition for excellent customer service and numerous sales awards. He has completed educational courses in all areas of Insurance and Agency Operations. Lenny has held the following titles during his insurance career: Personal Lines Manager, Sales Producer, Account Representative and Customer Service Representative. He is a member in good standing with the                 Las Vegas Internet Chamber, Las Vegas Business Network and Stanford Who's Who.

Lenny's vast amount of experience working with and for captive agents as well as independent agents is an asset to his current and future clients.

 "Referrals are the key to success for any business.The reward for receiving a referral is knowing that a client or colleague has enough confidence in you that they are willing to place their reputation on the line and recommend your services. I have always accepted a referral as my reward for providing the best service possible to my clients. In return, when I give a referral, it is with the knowledge that you will receive excellent service from a professional with experience and expertise in their field. Thank you in advance for referring me to your family, friends and colleagues."


I look forward to assisting you in obtaining Affordable Insurance to protect your assets

Best Regards,


"Never Compromise Your Integrity"
Lenny Libman's Belief To Live By